The Japan Society for Equilibrium Research was established at the first meeting on vestibular research, which was a committee of the second meeting of the Japan Audiological Society held at Yukawa Memorial Hall in Kyoto on October 18, 1957. At the first meeting, there were five presentations, Problems of using Frenzel’s glasses (Isamu Watanabe, Tokyo Medical School),  Analysis of ENG (Junichi Suzuki, University of Tokyo; Genkichi Tozuka, Juntendo Univ), Acoustic neurinoma (Isamu Watanabe, Tokyo Medical School), Observation and recording of nystagmus (Kouji Takeyama, Tohoku Univ.), Eye-speed of nystagmus (Yoshiro Koike, Niigata Univ.).

This meeting on vestibular research was held three times in 1958 and then twice a year until 1961. The meeting was reorganized by the Eleventh Meeting of the Study Group of the Japan Vestibular Research in July, 1962 and an abstract of the presentations was published. This abstract was later reported in the Journal of the Equilibrium Research. The articles of the Study Group of the Japan Vestibular Research were established and the study group was managed by the secretary in 1962. The membership list was published in December, 1962, and included 193 members.

The Study Group of the Japan Vestibular Research was held twice a year, except once in 1965, and was reorganized into the 23rd Meeting of the Japan Society for Equilibrium Research.  The articles were revised into the regulations of the Japan Society for Equilibrium Research, and the membership of active members, honorary members, council members, committee members, board members, and the examination committee for active membership was organized. Meetings were held twice a year until 1972 and once a year since the 32nd meeting in 1973. The Fifth Meeting of International Equilibrium Research (Barany Society Meeting) was held by President Masanori Morimoto in Kyoto, 1975 and a meeting of the International Postural Society was held by President Manabu Hinoki in Kyoto, 1981. A meeting of the Barany Society was held in Tokyo, 1990 by President Toru Matsunaga and Secretory General Junichi Suzuki. A meeting of the International Postural Society was also held by President Kiichiro Taguchi in Matsumoto, 1994. The Japanese name and organization of the society were changed in 1999 and the Society was renamed Nihon Memai-Heikou Igakukai, being run by the councilors, secretary, and advisors.

The Society puts emphasis on the education of physicians as well as technicians and hold annual seminars for physicians and technicians, respectively. The seminars for physicians and technicians were held every year. The year, name of the president, and meeting venue are shown in a separate table.

Japan Society For Equilibrium Research

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